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1-2 Weeks:

Kittens are in their security cage with their Mother.  They are held and cuddled multiple times a day.  They hear all the noises of a typical household.

3-4 Weeks:

Kitten’s eyes are open and are starting to explore.  They are upstairs in their kitten nursery and hear all the sounds a busy and sometimes noisy household of 6 make.  They are held, cuddled, and played with multiple times a day.  Combing begins.  They see how tall we are.

5-7 Weeks:

Kittens are very active playing and exploring.  They are either upstairs or downstairs with us in our kitten nurseries.  Eye care is started and done when needed.  Grooming continues.  Soft and hard cat food is introduced.  Kittens are held and played with several times a day, by myself and 4 young children.

8-11 Weeks:

Kittens start to have the run of the house with supervision and gradually with no supervision.  They are litter trained, weaned, and eat both hard and soft cat food.  Eye care and grooming continues.  They are played with and held multiple times a day by myself, 4 young children, and extended family and friends.  They have their first licensed vet visit and receive their first set of shots and dewormer.  They are learning good cat behaviors from their Mom and Dad.

12 weeks:

Kittens have been loved to pieces.  They are well socialized and are ready for their new home.  They have their last licensed vet appointment and 2nd round of shots.  Kittens are given a bath before leaving for their new home

"So much love goes into these kittens.  This is not a business, it's a passion."

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