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Silverbend Gaurantee

Chinchilla Silver kitten

Our kittens are checked by a licensed Veterinarian and will have had their first shot (of a series of three) prior to being adoped to their new home.  They also will have completed a round of de-worming, and will have had their stool check at least once before they leave.

Silver shaded kitten
Ready to leave

We keep our kittens until they are at least 12 weeks old.  This is to ensure your kitten is healthy and well adjusted to begin their new life with you.  A kitten needs it's mother and litter mates until at least this age to increase their immune system and to learn good socialization and "Cat" skills.

Chinchilla Silver kitten
Grooming and Eye care

By the time your kitten is ready to leave, I have trained them in combing and eye care.  This training starts when they are about 3 weeks old and continues until they are adopted.  If done regularly your kitten (and you) will love this extra special time with you.

Silver Shaded King

These kittens are bred from top quality, healthy parents owned by Kathy Trautman.  In the unlikely event a  kitten develops a life threatening health condition resulting from a genetic defect in the first year after purchase the kitten will be replaced with a similar kitten of equal quality.

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