Passion                Love

My first love of cats came from my family's farm.  We always had cats and kittens to play with.  In fact some of my fondest memories as a child was falling asleep in our haybarn with kittens all around me.  It honestly was the best!  

As an adult, I have always kept that love of cats.  When I bought my first home I discovered the Silver Shaded Persian and soon adopted my first one.  She was a loving and devoted friend to me and followed me everywhere I went.  Friends and family would often comment that she looked like a stuffed animal!

Fast forward to 2016 and 4 children later, my oldest daughter expressed that same love for Cats that I had as a child.  I wondered how I could give my children that same experience I had as a child.  With the encouragement of my husband we decided to start our own Cattery.  Breeding high quality silver persians and sharing the love these sweet babies give.